Julia Weinberg, JD, PhD

Clinical & Forensic Psychology  


Philadelphia, PA 19106 
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Couples Therapy 
Couples therapy is not limited to marriage counseling.  It can be helpful for spouses, life partners, and engaged couples.  Sometimes you're not sure why you are having problems; you just know that you've been bickering or don't feel as close.  In other cases, you can identify the source of conflict but haven't been able to resolve it.  For example, you may notice that your relationship has changed since you became parents.  Or you may be arguing about financial decisions or the "division of labor" for household chores.  

I also offer specialized services for couples with cross-cultural issues.

Creating Families
Decisions about creating a family can be difficult and stressful.  My goal is to help you cope with the inevitable strains and make decisions that give you peace of mind.  There is no one right answer for each prospective parent, and we will work together to find the path you'll be most comfortable with. 

If you are struggling with infertility, I can help you develop coping strategies.
If you are considering single parent adoption or adoption as a couple , we can explore the issues that may arise.  The international or domestic process may require you to obtain a psychological evaluation. 

Other prospective parents would like to pursue Assistive Reproductive Technology (ART) procedures, which involve special considerations such as psychological screening. 

Parenting Challenges 
Even experienced parents are sometimes at a loss when they face unexpected challenges.   Because each child has unique needs, and every family is different, general advice from books or other parents is not always helpful and may be downright confusing.   I will work with you to find solutions that are effective and practical for your family and your household. 

Hearing parents with deaf or hard of hearing children I have special expertise in this area, and my services are tailored to the choices you have made about your child's communication mode and assistive technology.   You may seek guidance on an array of topics, such as
  • Family adjustment to raising a deaf or hearing impaired child
  • Improving communication within your family & circle of friends
  • Enhancing social & cognitive skills
  • Developing resilience & self-esteem
  • Promoting a love of learning & good language skills in deaf & hearing impaired students
  • InSIGHT Visual Learning Strategies -- for children with visual learning stylesHow to create materials which increase your child's background knowledge and comprehension of abstract concepts.  These techniques can help teach deaf children to read.
  • IEP (Individualized Education Plan) advocacy and effective parent-school collaboration


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